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OK, so I watched the Tom Cruise movie like all of you where he moved the computer objects around with his hands, we all said, cool, some day it will be here, I figured I would check one day to see if it was, and sure enough it was kinda. Places like MIT are experimenting with similar technologies so but not quite there yet. But what I did find is how far multi-touch has come and a great article by which covers a DIY project which I am going to embark on. Below is a video they made and some snippets from there artilce. Check out their web site for the full article, it is pretty cool. the DIY is not for the regular joe unless they are dedicated to doing this thing. I will let you all know how my project goes as I move through it. SNIPPET>It all started while we were researching an article on future user interfaces. Touch interfaces are hardly futuristic at this point, but multi-touch hardware like the Microsoft Surface or the iPhone is just starting to become a big deal, and we decided to see what big things are going on in that field. What we found that surprised us the most wasn’t anything about the future of multitouch; it was about something that people are doing right now.

There is, it turns out, a whole community of very smart folks out there on the internet perfecting the art of building DIY multi-touch surfaces. The process isn’t exactly simple, but the results we saw were stunning: multitouch surfaces with responsiveness rivaling Microsoft’s $12,000 offering, built in a garage on a shoestring budget. “Future UI article be damned,” we thought, “we’ve gotta build one of these for ourselves.”

And so we did. We documented the whole process, from start to finish, so that you can try building one of your own, if you’re so inspired. We’re not going to claim to have done everything perfectly the first time, so think of this article as more of a build log than a definitive how-to. Still, we’re very pleased with how the table turned out. We’re so pleased, in fact, that we put together a video showing the table in motion. Check it out, and read on to find out how we did it!

Maximum PC’s Multitouch Surface Computer from Maximum PC on Vimeo.

First, some acknowledgments are in order. Virtually all the techniques used to create this table were discovered at the Natural User Interface Group website, which serves as a sort of repository for information in the multitouch hobbyist community. If you find the technology shown in this article interesting, you owe it to yourself to check out their forums, where you can participate in the development of multi-touch hardware and software

The Project

Team, the links below will get you to the Project task list along with a video showing you how to use the task list. You will have to log in to view documents and tasks. Your username and password should be in your email, if you are missing it please contact me and I can reset your password.

Other Resouces:

Company Perceptive Pixel really going after the high end MultiTouch. Spawned from a hobbiest to no busines

MultiTouch Screen web site, biggest site for hobbiest and interested parties

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