The future of energy

From what I have learned from studing hydrogen, solar, and wind forms is none can stand on there own as a real solution
but together a synergistic approach would work and probably will be realized 35 years.

Let me explain in a laymens words. Solar depends on the sun which does not shine all the time and does not shine everywhere. Solar also depends on no hail, production with glass, metals, silicon and a few other raw materials. Hydrogen depends on somewhat clean water, Corbin plate storage cells ( carbon, metal, copper. ) and electricity or heat to split H2O into hydrogen and oxygen. Wind farms need wind, production of the wind mills ( metals, electronics, and lots more metals, there big have you seen one?). So non can create value by them self without taking away more than the give. But together a closed loop system can be created which would work minus any mechanical break downs, forever.

Imagine the desert in the southwestern united states is filled with small houses with solar panels on top and a wind mill blades 25 feet above that. Someone drives up in an eletric car powered by a hydrogen full cell. They pull out their fuel cell from there car, place on the ground, pull out a fuel cell from the small house and insert it into their car, then place the fuel cell from their car into the empty slot in the small house. They will be back in a couple weeks to refill, until then water will collect into the house through a water collection tool, if it rains, if it does not the house can be manually filled by the cars water tank( when the hydrogen burns by combining with oxygen, water is created) so you just dump the water back into the electrolyser tank in the little house in the desert. Of course you could have the little house by your big house or ontop of a skyscrapper.

Overall if we combime the technologies so balance creates more power than each seperately added up we will be much closer to cheaper easier to get and cleaner power. I believe we will see this birth in 35 years from 2009.

Til my next day dream gets published. Adios.

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