SPAM and the amazing trail of who buys lists

So back inĀ  2001 I set up a single account with a remote software application I had to install for a customer. When I set up that account I placed the word marie as the first name, and entered in my real work email address. Theory was if I every received anything with the first name marie, well then two things are true. The sender buys lists either knowingly or unknowingly from spam list buyers (of coarse you know what they will always claim) and they don’t care enough to verify even when unknowingly that their sources of email are legit, they just want them. It’s all numbers.

So since 2001 it is been amazing the senders of somewhat legit email and totally bogus emails that come through. Its is a fun thing to do, easy to filter out, you should try it. Fill out a web form with some somewhat shady looking site, make sure to not put anything two personnel, and what it go throughout the world. I have gotten emails from the president of the US, senators, congress wo/men, auto dealers, book stores, your typical scum bags and many others. Some notables are below.

  • Tammy Baldwin (Congress women Wi Dem)
  • Smart Motors (Auto Dealership, middleton, wi)
  • Barrack Obama campaign
  • eHarmony
  • Dish Network
  • Infinite Supply Power
  • I will try an get some more kinda interesting ones a little later

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