Smokie lessons for kids

Our cat smokie. He has been a great friend companion and pain. Kids love him sometimes too much. Like the time he snuck into the attic and the kids went into a hyper panic mode Not only did we have to get the cat out of a small attic with no lights filled with signature junk that you think you need but have not thought about in 4 years but you also needed to remember to breath as your children you love act is if they are trying to explain how a comet was about to obliterate the earth and end life as we know it.

But it’s not all bad, and even the bad isn’t that bad but becomes pretty comical after a few minutes which is all it takes for most rational parents to realize there is no comet and remember that your kids are exactly that kids. It’s also nice to see them start to take responsibility for something. Granted I have to tell them that I will not clean the liter and will not feed the cat but you will. The pleasure in realizing you are doing your job as a parent when you see there minds work and start to come up with systems to make sure the Liter is cleaned every day and figure out feeding schedules.

Smokie the cat. All in all Smokie does more for the kids then schooling does. I think there are a lot of possibilities to use things all around us to help our children be responsible self sufficient adults we just need to start being parents and stop being servants. Let your kids fail get hurt and learn. Sooner or later they will and if it happens when no one who loves them is around that’s when bad things happen.

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