OnForce.com, How it Works

OnForce.com is a new concept called a “Service Network” IT service network available for service buyers.

OnForce is made up of Service Pro’s and Service Buyers.

A Service Pro is a technician, the feet on the  streets who can respond to a potential work order, sign up, and go onsite for recovery, then get paid. A simple concept and extremely simple, effective, efficient by the OnForce platform. A buyer is the one who requests service using the  OnForce.com platform. Both registers, clasifyies them self, and gets plugged in ready for a B2B relationship.

I have been in the service delivery business  since 1992 and have seen may solutions, many price structures, and if you have the management skills (PMP, ITIL, or just have a natural ability) then this is a great option for you to get cheap labor without having to hire someone. Of coarse it will be great right now in a down economy, but when labor gets tight again which it will, it may not be as luring. Still, a cool approach to getting service and leveraging a network of skill sets with out having a large staff, and paying by the drink where you can drink a lot and not go broke.

I figured I had to test out this who ideal so I signed up for my own Service Pro account. The on boarding process was smooth and simple to complete although I did have an issue getting them to accept my MCSE but for a good reason, they actually verify it, and it is not that I don’t have one, it is that I did not supply my

Dear Jay Walker,

Your certification(s) are important to our buyers, so please take a
minute to finish the verification process. Your certifications can be
found in your Service Profile. We didn’t receive your certification
verification information for:

Certification type: MCSE on Windows NT 4.0
with certificate id: xxxxxxx
created on: Fri Aug 21 2009 10:23am EDT

Submit the required information to verification@onforce.com or by fax
according to the instructions. If we don’t get your information by
September 12, 2009, these certifications will be deleted. You may
re-submit them anytime. If you previously submitted verification
information, we apologize for the inconvenience of repeating the

If you have any questions, please contact us.


What I had to do to setup my Service Pro account

  1. Set up your profile
  2. Enter in your skill sets
  3. your rates
  4. Your availability
  5. your certifications
  6. then you have to take the training which walks you through what OnForce.com is (their business model)
  7. The process of OnForce.com
  8. How you are rated
  9. Roles and Responsibilities between buyers, service professionals, and OnForce.com

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