Life Skills – My daughters discussion on eating, funny stuff

So, my life skills class has a pretty good question. “Do you tend to eat more when you are in a social environment like going out to dinner or attending a party?” This is a good question because it go me thinking about not only if I do, but to question why I do or do not. I eat a lot more when going out to eat with my mom and dad, but at parties I hardly eat at all.
So I thought, why? At parties I am there to be with people, my friends. That is the purpose, that is what I am supposed to do, not eat. But going out to eat, well, we are their to eat. I am no more hungry at one versus the other, but based on purpose, I do. So change your purpose and change your outcome. Right?
During Christmas and Thanksgiving, we normally eat a lot. It is tradition that my Grandmother does nothing but ask if you have enough to eat, “do you want more”, “make sure you eat everything but I have no room in the refrigerator”
I know that in Germany they have beer feast. That is when they eat and drink all the time during the holiday. Its in October. I would bet everyone gets fat then.

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