How to stop the idiocracy trend

Idiocracy is the belief that current US public school curriculum no longer prepares children to live in today’s world, and more importantly positions our new young adults for failure thus US’s future being a failure. Our public schools and current parents for some years now has been an assembly line producing new adults which feel they are entitled to anything others have which is more than they currently have where repercussions and responsibility is something which is seen as unfair. The majority of this degradation of US society can be blamed on over caring parents who have forgotten what tough love means or are to afraid to use it, schools which are so process and curriculum paralyzed and to afraid due to insane legal back lashes to even remotely think about change, and the media selling news (our right to know) as entertainment pimping public domain information and spinning that information as a reality TV show rather than an actionable piece of information which humanity could actually use to better itself.

What I will proposing in the next 5 years is not just a new class for high schools in the Americas, it is much more much deeper than that. What Life 101 is would more likely be compared to and “Oh” moment. Profound in a “I can’t believe we missed that” way. What Life 101 does is:

  • Provides tools allowing someone to function at the most basic levels in a US society
  • Prepares one to understand a realistic spending level before bankruptcy does
  • Allows one to understand how laws are created
  • Allows one to understand how their education effects their ability to have income
  • Provides a realistic expectation between available income and reasonable expenditures
  • Provides an understanding of tax laws and how those laws apply to them
  • Provides understanding of how business taxes affect the ability of a business to hire, provide benefits and raises
  • Provides understanding of our our justice system works the easy way and not the hard way
  • Provides basic understanding of how laws become laws, what the congress and senate does along with other agencies and how the interrelate or overlap
  • Provides understanding a visibility of the people, their needs and challenges in the US and world outside of their own backyard
  • Provides an understanding of how debt can be dealt with and reasons not to make foolish purchasing choices

If you look at the benefits of Life 101 you will see it hits the core of what is wrong or lacking with our young and older adults alike. With Life 101 not only would we probably not have a deficit today but the US would not be challenged with a onslaught of pressure from superior talent and production of personnel at a cheaper price. The only thing Life 101 currently does not address is how unions original charter and purpose has been perverted into a system where strong arm tactics are used to provide power and revenue to the mobsters while giving the workers just enough to keep the power to the union commanders. Mean while the price of labor has risen to a level where no longer will labors from the US be used. Soon things like the US autoworkers will begin to loose their jobs to overseas labors due to the price of labor being more than the market can bear. Oh wait that already happened.

Curriculum of Life 101

Life 101 is a mandatory class which must be passed by all high school children in order to receive any for of a high school diploma.

  • Develop monthly and annual expense list of living on their own
  • Complete Job Resume for actual available job
  • Complete Budget using income from Job resume
  • Complete full set of US personal and small business taxes based on Job and Expenses and a small business of their choosing
  • Complete a US Justice System exam with a passing grade
  • Complete a US Government exam with a passing grade
  • Complete passing grade in Census Data
  • Create a recovery plan based on a in debt scenario

Things I will be working on

  • Finalize a LIfe 101 curriculum to a point were it could be seriously be considered by school boards as ready to be tought
  • Understand and place key people in key places to educate all tax payers on the importance of Life 101
  • Begin campaigns with all local news outlets provided a “you are part of the problem or solution” campaign
  • Put pressure on the curriculum to be changed to prepare real young adults instead of non leaders destine for bankruptcy court, jail, welfare and some emotional liberal special interest group angry at the world with no solutions or idea’s


Role of a School Board

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