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OK, so I have been in the IT industry for about 15 years now, started out working at a cartographer firm which in the early 90’s converted from traditional methods to, you guessed it, computer based. Well I had the priviledge of growing up with a dad who would always buy the latest technology, we had a 32 bit commador with a state of the art tape deck to back up our files, and I remember making my first program, this stick guy would jump around, come to think of it would be cool to put that guy to the song jump around. Anyways, we are pretty far from but I will get there. So I was a natural fit to help the Cartographer firm move into computers, and so began my computer based graphics arts/web development/programming/systems engineering/consulting… carreer. Prior to hosted solutions, about the only hosting going on was expensive web site hosting where they gave you a space and you did what you could with straight html. Well today it is a drastically different world, with cloud computing, virtualization to the extreme of where even processor power is virtualized with product like vSphere. OK, closer to now. I have a public DNS server at home along with a web server, well recently the registrar I went through changed their name, then was sold off to a company who did not notify anyone of of expirations, not a bad deal when you you can sell experations to squaters for a bunch of money, then thehost them when the user buys and comes back to the one who was able to “” save the day and help this poor user get there domain back. ICANN not to interested in the user being that they make there money from their customers, (Registrars) and of coarse no goverment agency has any jurisdiction on ICANN, they are their own boss. So brings us to GoDaddy. No they didn’t save my day, not quite, but they did get me to break down my control freak and host with someone else besides me, and buy a domain name for more then a year so I didn’t have to remember to renew all the time. They also  brought me into their application framework for their web hosting, which I got to say is a excellence in service provisioning.

Here is how there hosting web apllication provisioning works.

  1. You set up a account with GoDaddy
  2. Choose all your regular stuff like, how many years, privacy…
  3. Pick your hosting plan (linux, windows)
  4. Then if you choose windows, if you want PHP with  your windows hosting
  5. Email plans…
  6. then, provissioning occurs, and you are able to log into your GoDaddy control panel

From the control panel is where the magic happens.  You have a slew of tools at one control panel

  • File managers, DNS, FTP,
  • IIS Management, Form mail, FTP Client, Language localizing, password vault, web based file manager, Google webmaster tools,
  • Data base tools including webmen for MySQL and MS SQL manager
  • Great reporting on bandwidth and other stats
  • And the Hosting Connection by GoDaddy

The hosting connection is where you can browse or search through a good amount of free and commercial web applications, read reviews of them, see demo’s and then of coarse install. The installs are a single click install with progress throughout the process, and then an email alert when the install is complete. I have installed DotNetNuke and word press along with a couple others and the process was almost flawless, the only issue was on my first install when I got a little click happy. the free hosting plan does not support the free applications (the irony I know) so I upgraded th hosting and did not wait for the full upgrade of hosting to complete and tried to install a application prior to the full upgrade. Contact there support (I am from the us, and the support was from the us) which was great, and they took care of me.

So all in all I am very happy with GoDaddy, and it saved me a bit of work, bandwidthth and willing to bet their datacenter is a little more redundent then my closet at home, just a guess.

I am out, hope this was helpful to some of you.

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