Excel and the F key

OK, so the title is click bait. But seriously the F key in Excel on a laptop with no number pad is something to be shared. ¬†Excel decided that the F keys, you know F1, F2, F3… and the function key on keyboards that have dual purpose F keys, that the F key functionality should be switched.

This means if you want to hit F3 on a keyboard that has function keys, you have to put one finger on your Fn key, one finger on the cntrl key and one key on the F3 key. A surface pro which has a cntrl key on the right side, the function key on the left side and the F3 key on the top, that takes 2 people. Yah, 2 people to show the named cell box. that is why I called it the F key in the title.


Hope that helps you, and if you googled and found your way here to the (SARCASM) highly visited site, then you are probably saying that F*&%& F key.


Im out