Creating greatness – How To

Something I feel very strongly about is the idea of position. Position is what allows luck either bad or good to happen as there is no such thing as luck, just a lack of clarity.

Whenever I hear someone say “I was lucky”, or “that’s bad luck” what strikes me is sometime we just don’t want to know why something happened. As you would expect history repeats itself so those who for example take the easy way out, or are sloppy, generally are those same people that have bad luck. People who have good luck are normally those who smile more, have good habits, surround themselves by good people.

But the bottom line is luck is merely a lack of clarity, and good look along with bad luck is driven by position.

Recipe for Good Luck
You must associate with people who have natural skills either developed or not, they must have dignity and respect for them self’s and others. You must give your staff to power to care and have the strength to discipline them when they have the power to care but do not. This is also how you create an exceptional product or service, good friends and a good life. Granted there are times when things are total out of your control, thus this is where insurance companies justify if you are in an accident your are always partially at fault because you where there.


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