AT&T MicroCell Untangled

by Jay D. Walker

The ATT Microcell is a device that allows your ATT mobile phone to have talk/text signal in places that normally have 3 bars or less signal. Works great for example if you live in a low spot geographically and you are in your basement and have no signal. Or live in the middle of no where and there just is not any service where you are. As long as you have an internet connection and the sky is visible where that internet connection can visit and a few other stipulations are met, you will be able to have cell signal. Sprint and Verizon have a similar device but for now this article is on the MicroCell.

Couple things to keep in mind that can put the breaks on are the following

  1. If you have an action tech all in one modem, you HAVE to get another router behind the MicroCell as MicroCells do not work directly connected to ActionTech DSL Modem Routers. So get a Cisco or DLink router, put it behind the ActionTech and turn off all firewall settings on your second router. Also make sure that the DNS forward is turned off on your secondary Cisco/Dlink router.
  2. If your Microcell does not have a clear path to the sky, when the MicroCell trys to activate it will fail GPS authentication. For 911 service in the US, the MicroCell will actually cross check what the GPS of the MicroCell says compared to the address you typed in when activating online
  3. Make sure your DNS server used on your internet modem are the ATT DNS servers.




  1. When Activating, if you 3G (Bottom light which looks like bars on a phone) blinks green over and over for over 30 minutes, contact ATT support at 1-800-331-0500, Press Option 2, enter you your Mobile phone registered to the MicroCell, Press option 7, then option 1. This is for small business so might be different for residentail or enterprise.


  1. If your download speed is at least 6MB down and 1MB up, speed is not an issue.


  1. To physically plug in devices so things have a chance to sync up correctly doe the following


  1. UnPlug all devices


  1. Plug in Modem


  1. Plug in Router


  1. Plug in MicroCell


  1. Wait 30 minutes for 3G lite to turn solid green


  1. If the 3G light goes red, call support, if it blinks green for more than 30 minutes call support. The support recording will tell you to wait at least 90 minutes, but if it has not synced up in 30 there is no way it will sync up with out a chance to probably your own network. You may have to try Priority Mode setup. See below


There are two modes for the MicroCells to be in. Standard or Priority Mode

  1. Modem >> Router >> Microcel – used for normal setup.
  2. Modem >> MicroCell >> Router – Priority Mode – If your green light blinks forever and ATT support reported that the microcell had a

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