What are your values?

I was recently asked by our CEO to provide what I thought were my values. After he explained to me about why, it made sense. In order to hire people with good chemistry, they would need have some of the same values as existing staff. Her were my values.

Value: Be approachable

Definition – If no one ever has a problem with you then probably a lot of people do and you are un approachable

How I use it in my life

I will continuously try and see things from the others persons perspective, always be polite, avoid as much as possible saying no but try and rephrase a no into what is needed for a yes (Most of the time when we say know there is a road block to the yes, explain that road block, people will feel listened to and understand the challenges rather than think you just don’t care or don’t value them)

Value: Do what you say you

Definition – Setting realistic expectations with your audience rather than wishful thinking.

How I use it in my life

If I say something, make sure you can do it, if I feel I might not be able to follow through, make sure and let the other person  know that there is a chance the commitment might not be able to complete, ask them if they would still like to move ahead or would rather have a rock solid completion commitment which may require more time or additional help.

Value: Solve don’t defer problems

Definition – Focusing on solving a problem rather than protecting your but, or even worse taking credit for the positives and blaming others for the negative.

How I use it in my life

When someone comes to me, normally they are emotional which I like on one hand, it tells me they care. But on the other hand it also tells me they are caught up in the challenges and have probably lost track of the goals. If they begin to point fingers instead of discussing what we CAN do to reach a goal, I will help real them into solving the problem by setting their mind at ease by talking about the issue and not the players. I also look with-in myself, If I am talking about the players or actors rather than the challenge, that is a red flag for myself which tells me, real yourself back in, restate the problem and what a goal would look like, then map how we get there.

Value: Stay focused on the business goal (almost same definition and How I use as above)

Definition – Focusing on solving a problem rather than the challenges associated with a perceived path to a solution can lead to a loss of focus on what is really meant to be achieved.

How I use it in my life

At times someone will come to me with a “how can I “ challenge. One of the common practices I ask them is what are you trying to achieve business wise. At first they might get frustrated and say I just told you. But then after a few questions they realize they are getting side tracked with a hurdle which they thought they needed to achieve a real business challenge, and most cases there are other ways where the hurdle does not even come in play. So lesson is if you reach a hurdle, ask yourself if there is a way around the hurdle or do you really have to jump over it.

Value: Be honest with your coworkers

Definition: If you have a problem with someone talk to them not someone else. The other person cannot solve issues between you and person with the challenges between the two of you.

How I use it in my life

First I try and look at things from their point of view, normally this help things resolve them self. Most people are not crazy nor are the lazy, chances are if something is frustrating you about someone else, it does not mean they are wrong, but rather you just don’t like the outcome. Make sure and tell them after you have completed the exercise so they are aware that it frustrated you but you realized that once looking from their point of view it made sense. This will help them in their approach and lift any weight of burden you may have felt.

If that does not work, be as sincere and rational as possible and discuss the challenge you feel you have with the person, make sure you are clear that if you seem frustrated, don’t take it personal, that you are just having a hard time keeping your emotions intact. Remember you are solving an issue not protecting your pride or ego. Ego’s and pride only wreck chemistry in companies and eventually take them under, they do NOT save a company. I have never seen a obituary that stated “john doe had a huge ego and nothing was every their fault. He also claimed to be his own anything good, and never did anything wrong” and thought to myself “what a great man, I bet people honestly like him and he probably made a successful company even more successful”.

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