ITime for Vegas


IMG_2324.JPGWell at the airport, went through TSA and was the fastest I have ever seen.  As far as service they are great, feel like I am in Disneyland.   Sometimes I find it hard to believe they could find anything dangerous.  I just hope that they have some crazy gizmo that can do some sort of element molecular matching to find anything dangerous.

Anyway on to more fun topics, badger desert classic with some of my best friends in Vegas.  Golf, friends and good beverages in moderation in a fun town.  Yeah I said moderation.  I bet you are saying ahh it’s Vegas baby let lose! Well through the years of living you learn things about your self, set and know limits in hopes of self preservation.  And sometimes with the goal of being exceptional as a person.  I’ve learned the things I want to do with the limited time and talent, I cannot drink much to do what I need to do.

IMG_2326.JPGSo after my rambling back to Vegas.  We landed and true to odds one of our bags has vaporized.   And unlike the speedy TSA line, baggage claim was not.  Understandably his plane left Melbourne but was diverted to Jacksonville due to smoke in the cabin. When landing there were fire trucks and ems but the smoke and antifreeze smell has gone.

Well we put out the feelers with delta and they will search as we golf at Bali-Hi golf course.  Bali is a beautiful course right next to the famous Vegas sign and the airport; which if you had a few to many the night before the jet noise can be a little mind splitting.


The round was nice, the driver wasn’t PGA but was pretty straight at 250-275 which is all I can wish for.  Everyone had good shots, lots of jacking around, no snow although for vegas was a windy cloudy cold 65. Tonight a little gambling and a few drinks.  Tomorrow we are off to a cabana and then dinner with the coaches.

But before we do cabana’s its really important in Vegas to have a great night of throwing money up in the are and running away. That’s right time to gamble. As far as gambling goes all I can say is I probably helped improve the financial outlook of Las Vegas, de nada Vegas. But with a cabana to look forward too with my best friends i suppose the gambling loss was a good donation, like an entry fee.  And of course Vegas is just not complete with out a little WHEEL OF FORTUNELESS. Not that I am complaining, One of my friends did really well, they were up $1,000 at one point and of course like true Vegas style that eventually went back down to just a little over 0. Why we cant run when we have house money is a mystery I think no one will every solve.


IMG_2334.JPGBut before all that we made a stop at Carmine’s which was pretty nice. Italian but the thing that was cool was the menus where wall 100 inch TV screens turned 90 degrees.

On Monday the competition begins. High hopes full of delusion, ah mean hopes and dreams of winning. 2 hours, 12 beers, bloody marry’s, and two ducks later we are right back to where we should be. not thinking about winning anything other than a laughing and drinking contest.




And the ducks, did I say ducks… these little fellas where quacking us up, they had a pair of balls as they would walk right up to us and start quacking like we were supposed to give them something.

IMG_2365.JPG  IMG_2368.JPG

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