The Medical Industry

Just heard of this newly uncovered and documented scam. Person buys small rural hospital, then sends claims to lab in another state. Moves billing out of hospital oversight to outsourced company.

This creates a scenario where you can push false and over inflated labs to a place that does not exist, and a billing org can approve claims with virtually no related oversight.  Extremely profitable, and not one really knows to say anything thanks to the separation of medical information and billing. It is almost impossible to know what a bill is for.

Try calling the medical billing, ask them about a charge, they will tell you they don’t know and cannot talk about it, that we should contact the clinical side. Call the clinical side and talk about billing, they will tell you the don’t have information on rates, but there is a document that you can look at that shows standard rate for many procedures, if you need to know more to contact billing.

End of the day, the medical profession is extremely corrupt and doctors, nurse and the people being treated are the victims while lobbyists, politicians and these people who choose to cheat the general population by taking advantage of rules they helped bribe their way into the laws hide under the excuse lives not fair so why not get my piece.

Well guess what – Life not being fair is not an excuse to cheat the system and other people. Greed is a terrible thing, and terrible things tend to stick together.