What to do what something happens to you or a loved one

My daughter has ADD, and a friend of mine’s daughter has Diabetes, another friend’s daughter has Intestinal Lymphangiesctasia (IL), and a relative is battling cancer. This all sounds glome and doom but it doesn’t have to be, at least we can help make things a little easier on the ones affected.

One thing is for sure though, when we first learn about a struggle such as these, we most often don’t know where to turn, or where to start, or understand the scope of this new challenge. Well I wanted to start to compile a list of resources which can help in hopes that if this article helps just one parent it is well worth the time to write. I will try to continue adding content as I learn more.

Cancer: One of the places I did some volunteer work is an organization called Gilda’s Club. We have a chapter her in Madison, WI. Gild’as helps out people going who have or had cancer with things like how to cook when going through chemotherapy The madison web site is http://GildasClubMadison.org they are very helpful and just about every major city in the US has one.

Diabetes: there are two organizations that I know of that are pretty good resources. 1. JDRF 2. American Diabetes Association both are good and great places to get started, connected with people around you dealing with diabetes

Intestinal Lymphangiectasia (IL) Someone I met through work has a great web site which has been designed to give support and share information on IL. The information given is from personal knowledge and/or knowledge found through research and/or information given from health care professionals.  Her site is Little Leakers

Attention Deficit Disorder ADD For Addults go to http://www.add.org/, For Kids go to this site then use Google

In Closing
In no way do I claim or claim these sites aremedical professionals.  We advise everyone to talk with medical professionals in regards to ones health and well being or the health and well being of a loved one.

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