So what is my edge

So after watching Bob Parsons video blog “whats your edge” I had to ask myself what is my edge, do I have one? So lets dig in. I had to place some rules on by analysis before moving forward.


  1. Edge must be from someone else’s point of view and not mine
  2. Edge must be unique or rare from other like people
  3. Edge must be a positive and not a negative (Provide value or enjoyment)

OK, with that said, I am just going to start to list some stuff, wait a minute, if the edge is from someone else’s point of view, I can’t list the stuff from what I am thinking I am, I have get out there and interview, but how do you interview others about you and get a non biased view point… Ask someone to do it for you! (ding)

So Off I go, Will report back as soon as I get some data… so hold on!

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