Exercise and Anxiety and seizures

At twelve years old, Savanna can be observed frequently fidgeting, tapping her foot, becoming extremely angry or sad for no apparent reason. If Savanna exercises, these symptoms appear to subside.

In a world where children have so much stimulation from: computers, video games and of coarse all the toys we all grow up with, lack of concentration and hypertension can be seen frequently in them. It’s been proven that exercise allows the body and the mind to be more relaxed and healthier.

An interesting side note, Savanna has seizures from time to time. Trending her emotional state in both sadness and hypertension, you would see an upswing of both up until the point of a seizures . A seizure itself is a tremendous work out making a correlation between exercise and seizures as the same physically and somewhat chemically due to what physically and mentally occurs durian a seizure and a workout. After both seizures and workout and of coarse a nap, Savanna exhibits a rested and ready to be normal state in effect resetting the cycle of anxiety swings to where anxiety is almost non existed.

If we all spend a little more time exercising I am confident we will spend much less time feeling stressed in addition to our ability to concentrate will increase. Not to mention my belief is epileptics could possible avoid future seizures.

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