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ITime for Vegas

  Well at the airport, went through TSA and was the fastest I have ever seen.  As far as service they are great, feel like I am in Disneyland.   Sometimes I find it hard to believe they could find anything dangerous.  I just hope that they have some crazy gizmo that can do some sort of element molecular matching… Read more →

People are freaking amazing

Be spectacular people… but remember that does not mean stupid. Fame for spectacular wasn’t an idea’ one day, it was practiced over and over and perfected to a point of spectacular. So I don’t want to here of some moron who thought “I want to be special” and they tried juggling knifes on fire the first time and stabbed themselves… Read more →

2015 Final Four Trip

Its 2015, the Wisconsin Badgers are making a run towards the National Championship, and four middle aged guys, Tim, Rich, Milty and myself are on our way to Indianapolis. A bunch of Golf buddies and basketball buddies trying out best to re-live our youth watching a sport we love.  Full disclosure, I am the short guy in the group at 6… Read more →