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Well I needed a place to store Great PMI Chapters web site URL’s so I figured why not my web site. I can get to it from anywhere, don’t need to book mark the site, and can update the list at any time. Plus maybe others can recommend one. This is is not ranged or anything like that, just a list. I would rank things by the the following criteria

Ratings are a 1-10, 10 being the best
Look Does the site look like a flea market, or is it a modern easy to view, very presentable app that looks like its was created by a web developer with a design marketing’s touch.
Content Content of the data on the site needs to be well written, not to wordy, valuable to its target audience
Current is the content current, or out dated. It is so easy to post things, but where sites define themselves as good or not is whether the site has became a storage shed, or something that lives and we can live and interact with
Events  Are the events out of date, descriptive, easy to register, find details about events. Can you take surveys of events or provide feedback?
Web Engines Star Chapter is a home grown CMS solution. don’t know much about it but flexibility I would imagine is limited to what Star will allow or do for you.
Proteon Software uses Joomla with Components. Open source many plugins available. Limited by what Proteon will allow on the server.


Chapter Web Site URL Web Engine Events Look Content Current
Los Angles  JSN_Dome_PRO Joomla  8 5
Chicago  Star Chapter  10
Milwaukee  Proteon  8
Madison  Proteon  7  7  5  4
 Southwest Ohio  Star Chapter
 Piedmont Triad  Star Chapter
Durham Highlands (Ontario) Star Chapter
Mile Hi Star Chapter
 Central Calif  Proteon (With responsive Design)
 Dayton Ohio  Proteon


Web Engines

  1. Proteon Software – Based in Dublin Ohio and started in 2006. Michael Holestein the owner is a PMP.
  2. StarChapter – based in Maryland, has a mix of different type of chapter type web sites. Not just PMI. It looks like PMI chapters are a good portion of their business, guessing maybe 25%.
  3. DIY – maybe the answer is to create your own.  I have built CMS’s from the ground up. But why when there is WordPress. All we need is the membership sync which should not be to hard of a plug in to write. Will see, I am going to give it a whirl with a guy named Ryan who I think has the same idea.



  1. Events Milwaukee – I like how Milwaukee categorized event types with colors, and had the ability to filter by categories. This was easy to use and look ascetically pleasing.


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