Month: May 2015

Kia Madison Review 2015.05.21

I should add a disclaimer that dealerships are really separate business from a car manufacturer like KIA motors US bound by an agreement between the dealership and manufacturer. The contract says the dealer must follow and claim expenses to the manufacturer for warranty work, and can have a separate warranty on top of the manufacturers warranty. So as I sit… Read more →

Network scanning

This post will be focused mainly on tools and techniques that allow you to look at a network and see IP 4 characteristics like TCP open ports, responsive nodes on the network, OS searching. Some of the tools in the post will be things like nMap, Zenmap, Wireshark.   Nmap Nmap can be found here (Linux) or (Windoows)   Command… Read more →

Reaver Basics

Reaver can be ran on linux and does a linux based brute for hack (attempt) on an AP.   If you have windows you can:  Download kali image, download vmware player personal use version If you have linux you can: install aircrack, reaver and you are good to go   References   Steps 1. Install Reaver (Google… Read more →