Month: December 2011

Math Lessons Learned

Question:Why would you -.6 *t and not .6*-t. Answer: Because it is the same answer. Questions: why is .04-.6 but .04t is multiplication. How would you do .04*-t? would it be .04(-t), or would it be .04-t.. It seems math is like the English language in that there is no strong logic in the consistency other than it is status-quo.… Read more →

AT&T MicroCell Untangled

by Jay D. Walker The ATT Microcell is a device that allows your ATT mobile phone to have talk/text signal in places that normally have 3 bars or less signal. Works great for example if you live in a low spot geographically and you are in your basement and have no signal. Or live in the middle of no where… Read more →