Month: October 2011

Memories of a life

My neighbor was telling me yesterday about how the bottom half of his heart has stopped working and that only the top half is pumping now. As his breath at times appeared very heavy and he was just standing there next to me telling me about his life, about his two tours overseas, the boat rides, the first time he… Read more →

Smokie lessons for kids

Our cat smokie. He has been a great friend companion and pain. Kids love him sometimes too much. Like the time he snuck into the attic and the kids went into a hyper panic mode Not only did we have to get the cat out of a small attic with no lights filled with signature junk that you think you… Read more →

Posting from the field – Living life

In addition to having dyslexia, one of the things I have realized is my memory sucks. Now you would think that with dyslexia and always having to type things twice that at least my spelling would improve right… wrong. Getting worse. Not sure why by I could choose to get frustrated or laugh about it. Well that’s an easy choice. tell me about things… Read more →

Creating greatness – How To

Something I feel very strongly about is the idea of position. Position is what allows luck either bad or good to happen as there is no such thing as luck, just a lack of clarity. Whenever I hear someone say “I was lucky”, or “that’s bad luck” what strikes me is sometime we just don’t want to know why something happened. As you would… Read more →