Month: August 2009

Bob Parsons and his 16 rules

So one of my last articles were on rating Since I really like there service offering I wanted to learn more about what made that service good. We have all seen their marketing with Danica P, but another side of the marketing is actually the CEO Bob Parson, GoDaddy has their own one would say business training webnairs with… Read more →

Delete SharePoint Versions on list item due to workflow in loop

Introduction Workflows in SharePoint to say the least can be extremely tricky beyond the basic alert me or 3state workflows. Once you get into designer or visual studio workflows, at times you are better off wrapping your head around an axel of a car. With that said how about a little demystified action on workflows and SQL tables. Oh, the… Read more →

GoDaddy rated

OK, so I have been in the IT industry for about 15 years now, started out working at a cartographer firm which in the early 90’s converted from traditional methods to, you guessed it, computer based. Well I had the priviledge of growing up with a dad who would always buy the latest technology, we had a 32 bit commador with… Read more →

Gave in to Twitter

So I signed up for twitter today, why? because everyone else is, I work in IT so I need to understand it, support it (LOL) and integrate systems to it. OK, so why my discontent? I just feel that twitter is one of those things that insecure people use, people who don’t have friends and need to make a statement,… Read more →